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Magnetic positioner

Magnetic Welding Positioners Germany

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There are many accessories in the welding world that can simplify the operator’s work or make it more comfortable.

One of the most used welding tools, both in the industrial field and by hobbyists, is the magnetic holder.

This tool might seem useless to inexperienced welders, but it is actually an essential part of the professional welding equipment.

Magnetic holder help mostly with the welding process or with a tack welding operation on pieces that are difficult to handle with just one hand.

The magnetic holder are used to temporarily join together two parts of the base material, allowing the operator to work with both hands; the pieces to weld are kept in position during the tack welding phase.

The magnetic holder are also used when the operator is about to perform a project that requires to create joints with specific angles; in this case, it is possible to use the magnetic holder as a guide, since you already know the angle’s amplitude.

There are several types and sizes of magnetic holder with different pulling capacities; it is important to use a magnetic holder suited to the type of work to perform. For example, if you are using a welding magnet with a high pulling capacity (ex: 50 Kg) to join two thin metal sheets, you will probably end up damaging the joint while removing the welding magnet.

To avoid this problem there are magnetic holder equipped with on/off switches to activate in case of necessity, in order to be able to remove them without damaging the joints.

Remember that, as much as the magnetic holder are a big help for the operator, it is important to know how to best use them.

It is good norm to prep the material to weld by removing paints, rust or dirt, such as grease or oil, before applying the magnet; by doing this you will avoid compromising the pulling force and the 2 flaps will remain firmly in position.

Magnetic holder only work on steel or ferrous materials; they do not work on stainless steel or aluminum.

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