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Strength of the welds, full penetration, and clean beads without projections... these are some of the characteristics of TIG welding, a melting process mainly used in the professional, food and filling fields.

However, in order to obtain good results, it is important to choose the correct welding material, from tig accessories to the consumables used. offers the best brands of TIG welding machines, but also all tig welding consumables and accessories at the best price. We select all products to ensure quality and reliability. We continuously update the available products, but if you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we will fulfill your welding needs.


Remember that TIG welding needs pure Argon and its operation consists of the use of a torch with an infusible tungsten electrode, which melts the material to be welded with the possibility of using a welding rod to give more strength and structure to the weld bead.

There are two types of TIG welding machines:

- DC for welding iron, stainless steel, copper and cast iron

- AC for aluminum welding

In addition, there are different types of electric arc trigger:

- LIFT trigger: the electric arc is triggered by touching and lifting the electrode from the workpiece.

- HF trigger: thanks to high frequency, the trigger is automatic without the need to touch the electrode on the workpiece.

The TIG flashlight must always be connected to the negative pole.


As anticipated, a professional TIG welding machine needs TIG accessories and suitable consumables in order to weld correctly and obtain the best results. offers TIG torches with air or water cooling depending on the applications of the operator and the welding machine used.

We offer three types of tungsten electrodes:

- Grey waxed tungsten for DC welding of steel and stainless steel;

- Pure green tungsten for AC welding of aluminum;

- Blue lanthanum tungsten, a solution that combines the good performance of the two previous tungsten electrodes.

Remember that in direct current welding, it is important to sharpen the tungsten, while with alternating current it is not necessary as during welding the electrode will be naturally rounded. 

In some particular cases where, for example, thickness is more important, we recommend the use of filler rods to give strength and to make any pipe watertight. recommends different thicknesses and types of filler material for iron, stainless steel and aluminum.


The most commonly used shield gas for TIG welding is pure argon. offers 2.2 liter disposable argon gas cylinders; we have chosen to recommend these cylinders, which are larger than those normally sold at 1 liter, to allow even less experienced users who do not weld continuously, to weld for a longer time and avoid a greater expense for refillable cylinders. The pressure reducer is the same, with a M10 thread, only the cylinder capacity is higher.

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