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TIG AC welding machine for steel, stainless steel and alluminium

TIG AC DC Aluminum welding machine Germany

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There are 10 products in category TIG AC welding machine for steel, stainless steel and alluminium.


The welding world is an ever-expanding field, which includes a wide range of different sectors, from industry and heavy carpentry to precision robotics, which nowadays is increasingly used in manufacturing companies as well.

The important thing is to choose the correct welding process to obtain satisfactory and functional results according to the welding you want to achieve.

The best welding process, with the most aesthetically pleasing results, is TIG welding, since this type of welding does not present slag or welding spatter thanks to the fusion that is easily controlled with the TIG welding machine.


The TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding process consists of melting the base material with the heat of the electric arc created by electricity passing between the tungsten electrode (infusible) and the base metal connected to the ground. The weld pool is constantly protected by an inert gas that protects the glowing metal from oxidation. Argon is the commonly used gas, but mixtures with helium or other less common gases can also be used.

Tungsten is defined as infusible because it is not consumed during welding, but it can be damaged by incorrect settings or misuse during welding.

During TIG welding, filler rods are often used to gradually introduce material into the weld pool to fill it up and to give strength and structure to the weld.

TIG welding machines can be divided into 2 main categories based on the way the welding arc is ignited.

- TIG welding machines with HF (high frequency) ignition: this category of TIG welding machines is identified as "professional" TIG, due to the fact that to activate the welding arc you don't need to touch the base metal with the tungsten electrode, you just have to get close to it and press the torch trigger to activate the welding arc. The torch trigger also activates the shielding gas regulated by the solenoid valve inside the welding machine. This type of ignition avoids tungsten contamination in the weld pool.

- TIG welding machine with LIFT (graze) ignition: this type of ignition is normally used on high-end MMA generators and multi-process generators. The lift ignition involves touching the base material with the electrode and then lifting it up by levering the ceramic nozzle to ignite the welding arc. The gas is regulated manually by a valve located on the torch.


TIG welding machines are then divided into two macro-categories based on the output current of the welding generator:

TIG DC welding machine for iron and stainless steel (direct current): ideal for welding iron, stainless steel, cast iron and brass.

TIG AC aluminum welding machine (alternating current): essential for welding aluminum and its alloys.

About the aluminum welding, there are some adjustments that allow you to optimize the aesthetic result, such as varying the frequency of the alternating current to tighten or widen the weld pool. You can also use the Balance function that allows you to adjust the positive half-wave and negative half-wave to have more cleanliness and less penetration, or the opposite. It is certainly an advanced technology.

The TIG AC DC aluminum welding machine is widely used in the automotive sector, not just for external bodywork repair, but to weld supports and mechanical or functional parts of the car such as radiators, alloy rims, various supports...

With the TIG AC DC aluminum welding machine, it is very important to prepare the material beforehand. It must not be oxidized, dirty with oils or paints and therefore always very clean.

The electrode used with the aluminum TIG AC DC welding machine is pure tungsten, identified by the green color, but there is also the possibility of using generic or universal gold or blue lanthanum electrodes. During aluminum TIG AC welding, the tungsten tip must not be sharpened; it will automatically round off a few seconds after the arc has been ignited.


There are various TIG AC DC aluminum welding machine products with very different prices and more or less advanced technology. The best-selling range for light maintenance is the TIG welding machine with a price from 1200 to 1700€ with an average work cycle of around 110A at 60%.

The most popular models are:

  • Telwin Technology TIG 222 ac-dc
  • Gys Protig 201 ac-dc
  • Helvi Compact TIG 211 easy ac-dc

Then there are more industrial products with higher work cycle and suitable for professional use, higher technology, and wave adjustment.

  • Gys TIG 220 ac-dc
  • Lincoln electric Aspect 200 ac-dc

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