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TIG Aluminium welding machine

Aluminium TIG welding machines Germany

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The welding field is an ever-expanding world that includes many different industry fields, from heavy carpentry to precision robotics, more and more used in manufacturing companies.

To get satisfying and functional results, it is important to choose the correct welding process.

The process with the most aesthetically pleasing results is the TIG welding, because it does not produces slags nor splashes thanks to its easily manageable fusion.

The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process consists in achieving the base material’s fusion through the electric arc’s heat produced by the electricity running from the tungsten electrode (infusible) to the base material connected to the mass. The weld pool is constantly protected by an inert gas that protects the incandescent metal from oxidation; the most common one is the Argon gas, but it is also possible to find mixtures made of helium and other less common gasses.

Tungsten is called “infusible” because it does not wear out during the welding process, but it can be damaged by wrong settings or operations.

During the TIG welding, filler material sticks are often used to gradually input material in the weld pool, to fill and strengthen the weld.

The TIG welding machines are divided in 2 categories, based on the welding arc’s ignition.

TIG welding machine with HF (high frequency) ignition: this is considered the “professional” TIG machine thanks to the fact that you do not need to touch the base material with the tungsten electrode to activate the welding, you only need to move closer and press the torch button. Furthermore, the torch button activates the gas protection as well, which is controlled by the electro-valve inside the welding machine; this type of ignition avoids tungsten contaminations in the weld pool.

TIG welding machine with LIFT (graze) ignition: this is usually equipped on high-end MMA generators or on multi-process generators. The LIFT ignition involves touching the base material with the electrode and then lifting it by leveraging on the ceramic nozzle to activate the welding arc; the gas is manually controlled by using a valve found on the torch.

TIG welding machines are further split in two macro-categories based on the generator’s output current:

TIG DC (Direct Current) welding machine: ideal to weld iron, stainless steel, cast-iron and brass.

TIG AC (Alternating Current) welding machine: essential to weld aluminum and its alloys.

Regarding the aluminum’s welding, there are a few adjustments that allow to maximize the aesthetic result, such as changing the alternating current’s frequency to reduce or enlarge the weld pool, or using the Balance function to adjust the positive and negative half-waves to get a better cleanliness and a smaller penetration or vice-versa.

The TIG AC welding machine is much used in the automotive field, not only for external reparations, but also to weld supports and mechanical and operative parts such as radiators, alloy rims, various supports…

When using the TIG AC welding machine it is very important to prep the welding material; it must not be oxidized nor soiled with oils or paints, it must always be very clean.

The electrode to use with the TIG AC welding machine is made of pure tungsten and it looks green, but it is also possible to use generic or universal lanthanum electrodes, which appear golden or blue. During the aluminum TIG AC welding process you must not sharpen the tungsten tip, which will automatically become round after a few seconds from igniting the arc.

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