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Copper Welding Wires

Copper Welding Wires

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The continuous wire welding process is the most common one in carpentries and workshops, because it allows for very long operating-times without needing to interrupt the process to re-equip the welding machine.

The welding seam produced through a continuous wire welding process with the help of a gas protection is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

It is possible to perform the continuous wire welding process with the three most common metals: iron, stainless steel and aluminum. To get good results, the operator needs to replace gas and welding torch’s consumables based on the material to weld.

The most common material is the coppered welding wire.

The coppered welding wire is mostly made of steel, but it is called “coppered” because, at first glance, you can notice the color of the thin layer of external copper that protects the steel from oxidation.

The coppered welding wire comes in different diameters, ranging from very thin (0.6 mm) to very thick (more than 2 mm); the operator needs to replace the feeding unit cartridge based on the diameter of the coppered wire he needs to use.

The operator has choose the coppered welding wire’s diameter that is better suited to the work he needs to perform: a thin coppered wire is better suited for works with low amperages on thin sheets of base material; a larger diameter is better suited on thicker materials or for filling operations.

The coppered welding wire needs a gas protection for the weld pool to avoid its oxidation; to get good results, you need to use the coppered welding wire paired with an Argon and CO2 mixture such as 80/20, 82/18 or 92/8.

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